Who’s Mobile?

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Who listens to podcasts anyways? That is a great question. Truth be known there are some

serious stats out there that confirm podcast listeners are MOBILE. Because of the ease of

accessibility to podcasts, here are some interesting facts you should consider when trying to

determine whether or not you need a podcast:

Podcast listeners listen:
In the car – 52%
While traveling – 46%
Walking, running, biking – 40%
Taking public transportation – 37%
They workout – 32%

So, maybe it should be no surprise that podcast listeners are everywhere. That’s right, 64% of

the podcast audience listens on their smartphones. Now you’re reaching everyone.

Let Once Upon A Podcast be your Premium Podcast Service.

Why Podcasting?

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What is Podcasting and Why All The Buzz?
Podcasting has been around for a while now and it’s not going away anytime soon. It has become the “go-to” for many when they are jogging in the park, walking the dog, cutting grass or just about any other event that used to be boring.

Podcasting is a recorded digital file of an episode that you can download to a computer or access from any device with internet access. You can subscribe to podcast shows via apps and automatically receive the episodes when they are released.

So, why now? Why all the buzz around podcasting, from a business perspective?
Well, there are many reasons, really. Podcasting is evergreen. That means that you can listen to any episode whenever you want versus LIVE radio where if you don’t listen when it’s being broadcasted, you won’t hear it unless of course, they recorded it for their podcast. It’s all coming around to podcasting. Oh, and have you priced airtime for a radio station? Yeah, it’s all coming around to podcasting. In addition to the podcast episodes themselves being evergreen, what if you have a few sponsors in your episodes? Well, those sponsors, once added to the episode are “baked” into that episode. So, from a sponsors point of view, it’s a win-win. No matter if you listen to the episode(s) with their ad in it the day it was released, 6 weeks, 6 months or 6 years later, their ad will be heard. Great selling point when searching for sponsors.

“The power of podcasting is pretty remarkable.  It is such an amazing way to mobilize fans.  It’s almost like they’re part of your family.  They probably listen to you more than they listen to their own families.  I know that’s true for me.  So there is a real bond there.   ~Scott Aukerman

So, we’ve established that podcasting is NOW and it’s evergreen. But why, as a business owner would you want to have a podcast show? Think of it like this. Let’s say I’m a realtor in my local area. Not the biggest, but one of the best. I want to become an authority in my market. I probably don’t have the marketing capital as some of the others in my area. How can I become that authority and become the realtor that people know, like and trust? That’s right. My own weekly podcast show. Notice I said weekly? Not only do you want to build authority, but you want to build a following. You want listeners that come to expect a new release every week. Does this mean that every week you have to dedicate time to record a new episode? It could. Or you could record several in one evening and release one per week. This is great when you’re planning a vacation. Never need to miss a week.

You’ve created your podcast and you have several episodes “in the can” as we say. Simply put, you have several episodes in reserves ready to be released. These are on topics that people want to know about. You’re building that authority one episode at a time. Now what? You release them on iTunes, YouTube, Facebook, your website and more.

In no time you are becoming the authority that people know, like and trust in an area you LOVE to talk about.


You Are the Authority!

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The Time Is Now!

Yes, you are the authority in your field. It’s time to get noticed. You have put a lot of time and money in becoming who you are today in your field. So, what’s the problem? Oh, you’re not get noticed?

Here are some facts from a recent poll that may help you understand the power of podcasting:

The podcasting audience is made up of 56% men and 44% women.
That’s pretty even.

51% of all podcast listeners have a 4-year degree or higher.

41% of all podcast listeners earn $75k per year or higher.

So, you can see that the time really is now to get your podcast started and begin reaching out to those people that will soon become your audience.

Something else you should know.  Podcast listeners are faithful.  If you don’t believe me let’s get your podcast going and growing and let’s miss an episode.  ONE EPISODE. You will be inundated with emails and FB posts wondering where your episode is.  Trust me, I know from experience.

You see, podcasts are free subscriptions. When a listener subscribes to your show they will receive every one of your episodes. They will learn your personality and look forward to learning what this weeks episode is about.  Podcasts are listened to while riding a bike, walking the dog in the park, on the treadmill, on the way to work and just about any other opportunity.

We are looking forward to meeting you, working with you and helping you grow your business, one podcast episode at a time.